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Verne Wheelwright was awarded a PhD. from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006 for his groundbreaking research in the application of the methods of foresight and futures studies to individual lives. That research led to publication of It’s Your Future… Make it a Good One!; The Personal Futures Workbook; and Small Business Foresight. Wheelwright’s publications guide individuals through the same futuring process used successfully by major businesses and institutions worldwide for decades. Wheelwright earned his Master’s degree in Studies of the Future at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. He has extensive experience as a small business owner involved in international trade. Wheelwright is an active member of the Association of Professional Futurists, a professional member of the World Future Society and a member of the World Future Studies Federation.

Course description : Personal Futures: Foresight for Individuals

This course will provide an overview of the principal tools and methods of foresight as practiced worldwide for decades. What makes this course unique is that the methods and tools are scaled down to fit the needs and interests of individuals and their families—you and your family.

You will apply futuring methods to your own life, developing scenarios for the next ten years of your life, envisioning your personal future over the next ten years, and creating a personal strategic plan. You will then repeat this process, applying the same tools and methods to a small business. This exercise will demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of these methods. Finally, you will learn how personal futures can be applied to Human Resources development and training in large organizations.
Expect to be surprised. This course may change your perspective of your future. What you learn here will be applicable to your life, your business, your career and other courses in your Masters program.