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Adam is the Director of Future Savvy, a UK-based firm specializing in facilitation and application of industry foresight solutions. He is the author of Future Savvy (American Management Association Press, 2009), and a Forbes Columnist ( A journalist by first profession, he transitioned to business foresight via an MS in Strategic Foresight at the University of Houston, and was a Senior Associate at the Washington D.C. futures consulting firm, Coates & Jarratt, Inc. Adam is a visiting professor in industry foresight and management of design-innovation at various global business schools, and has presented widely at industry events on five continents. Adam is an Editorial Board Member of Foresight (International Institute of Forecasters) and of World Future Review: Journal of Strategic Foresight (World Future Society, Washington, D.C.)

Course : Industry Foresight and Leadership Future Strategy

As enterprises are forced to transform ever more rapidly and comprehensively in response to new technologies, shifting markets and societal pressures, the challenge of anticipating change, interpreting new opportunities and setting appropriate direction has become a key skill for business leaders. But nobody can predict the future. A lot rests, therefore, on a manager’s superior ability to judge the course and timing of new initiatives under uncertain conditions. The field of industry foresight has grown up to provide theoretical and practical tools to improve this ability: to interpret the business opportunities inherent in change, and innovate accordingly, while managing uncertainty and minimising risk.

The course is a comprehensive introduction to this field, with a specific focus on the intersection of foresight and leadership, for managers seeking to make better business decisions under conditions of external uncertainty.