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Professor, Political Science & Future Studies, 38 1/2 years, and Coordinator, Behavioral Science Undergraduate Program, 13 years, California State University, Dominguez Hills; and Director, Global Options and Evolutionary Futures Consulting.  Linda teaches, writes, consults, and gives talks/workshops, in the USA and globally, on global futures/evolution, peace/conflict resolution, intercultural/interreligious, and spiritual/ consciousness topics to a wide range of professional, educational, community, business, & governmental organizations.  Linda is a longtime futurist, member of the World Future Society & World Futures Studies Federation (Fellow), and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Futures Studies, and FUTUREtakes.  She has published 55+ articles, with books in preparation—in evolutionary futures, peace, & intercultural/interreligious areas.

Course description : EVOLUTIONARY AND GLOBAL FUTURES:  Key Challenges and Opportunities for Responding Creatively to Accelerating Change in a Culturally-Diverse and Increasingly Interdependent World

Evolution deals with the biggest questions of life:  where did we come from, where are we now, and where are we going?  Course covers both the processes and substance of evolution in different areas—past, present, & future.  Sixteen models of change, with key examples of each, cover many issues in the Futures Studies Field.  Major quantum jumps in evolution–in physical, biological, cultural/societal, technological, and consciousness areas and subareas—are covered, which all work through us and with us as human beings, driving change In all our lives.  How can humanity use foresight and innovation to respond most creatively to all this accelerating change, as our culturally-diverse world becomes increasingly interdependent, and what are key factors impacting the future evolution of humanity—in short, medium, & long-range futures?