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"Due to a surge of interest, tomorrow has been reprogrammed."


Born on18 June 1960 ; married ; one child
Postgraduate degree in political sciences (France).
PhD in Futures Studies/Sociology (Italy) – prof. BARBIERI-MASINI (dir).
Several years spent working with the most well-known French futurists Jacques LESOURNE and Michel GODET (futures studies and strategy in Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) Thierry GAUDIN (Centre de prospective et d’évaluation, ADITECH) and Hugues de JOUVENEL (Futuribles International).


-     Founding head of proGective, a consulting firm dedicated to futures research, study and advice, since August 1994.
-     Teaching futures studies, since 1995, yearly at the Universityof Angers (France), Institute of the Sciences and Technologies for Engineers; regular lectures in universities, institutions, private organisations, about various futures-oriented subjects…
-     member of several editorial boards, steering committees for seminars and international conferences, and scientific panels about specific subjects (R&D policy, environment…).
-     fellow of futurists associations such as the World Futures Studies Federation, the Association of Professional Futurists and the World Futures Society (U.S.);
-     author of several papers and books, especially about territorial foresight, ‘French prospective’ and education & futures studies. Some are translated in English, Italian and Spanish. Detailed list here.

Elected President of the WFSF (World Futures Studies Federation) in August 2005, she served for a term of four years.
Vice-President, since January 2011, of the Center for Transcultural Foresight, Inc., Washington DC, whose the publication, FUTUREtakes, is an independent educational resource.