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Alexandre ROJEY



Alexandre Rojey is involved in futures studies and the development of the Worldview concept, through his present activities leading the think tank IDées (Innovation, Sustainable development, Environment and Society) within the Tuck Foundation in France. He teaches green technologies at IFP, where he was the former Director for Sustainable Development. He is also the former Chairman of CEDIGAZ, an International Association operating for Gas companies. Alexandre Rojey is the author of various publications and several books. His last book, Future at Stake was published in France in 2011 and he is presently writing a new book about “Worldview and shaping the future”.
Tuck Foundation
Founder of the think tank IDées
Lecturer at IFP School
Former Director for Sustainable Development at IFP and Chairman of CEDIGAZ


Course : Worldview and the Shaping of the Future

The course will present the way a worldview can influence our future. It will be based upon a systemic, interdisciplinary and transverse approach. The first part will deal with the system analysis approach and the evolution of complex systems. The World System will be presented at three levels: the environment, the technical and economic system and the representation system, from which stems a worldview. In a second part the present dominant worldview and its current limits will be analysed and discussed. Environmental, economic constraints will be considered. In a third part, the issue of building a worldview for the future will be discussed, within the context of different possible scenarios.
It will be proposed to the students to build their own worldview for the future.