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A Master’s in Foresight and Innovation


A Master’s in Foresight and Innovation

Under the directorship of Fabienne Goux-Baudiment (head of the proGective Research Centre for Futures Studies in Paris) we will be offering a European Master’s Course combining foresight and innovation. Managing change and thinking differently are activities that figure prominently; action learning is employed, and after a first year, the third semester is with a European partner university. Participatory visits to corporate ‘futures labs’ are included. To quote from the summary: “Consistent with the new generation, teaching will be interactive, employing the latest technology and the best in pedagogy. New systems will attract the tech-savvy. Classic academic fields will be renewed, and an interest in the European multicultural model will be cultivated. High-level professors from top schools are being recruited.” Among the teachers are – apart from Fabienne Goux-Baudiment herself – Thierry Gaudin, Wendy Schultz, Jim Dator, and Natalie Dian (and many more).

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