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Why Futures Studies ?

Preparing a new world

We are living through a very special period of human history, one of its great transitions. Uncertainty and loss of the traditional mental bearings supported by the mainstream paradigm leave us confused. Yet we can now easily spot some of the features of tomorrow’s world, especially with respect to leadership, anticipation, cooperation, social networks, new holistic scale of risks, end of abundance, new competitions, digitalization of most human activities, and values change. These major stakes for the decades ahead demand a better preparation of the next generation that will face them.

High-potential global executives

Within this context, the globalization of the world is accelerating, with international expansion activity quickly developing. Many firms are going abroad seeking growth and profits. Most governments have to deal internationally. Building up high-quality global teams will be crucial for these organizations’ success. They will need high-potential human resources, capable to deal with multicultural management, to display a foresightful leadership, to understand the global issues’ complexity, and to open the way to innovative problem-solving. Therefore, the understanding of the multidisciplinary notion of change, the learning of foresight concepts, methods and practices, and the practice of innovative thinking will be at the core of this original, innovative master’s programme. The making of responsible, efficient women and men, confident in a positive vision of the future and ready to shape it, is our greater commitment.

Understanding Change

That we are living in a period of utter change is now the obvious. Yet little seems to be done to help people to get through these uncertain times. Therefore this master’s programme aims to provide students and professionals a thorough understanding of change in its various shapes: evolution, transformation, anticipation, foresight, and innovation. The mastering of these different fields of knowledge offers the unique opportunity to truly tame the changes that are happening, those that are coming, and these that can be implemented.

Thinking Differently

Tackling complexity, futuring new global issues, or understanding the systemic impacts of a new problem demand a more advanced way of thinking than what we are usually used to. Critical thinking, lateral thinking, open-mind lectures, field trips and actionlearning are all ways to foster an augmented ability to think the present and the future in the most efficient and positive manner.

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